The light shines in the darkness...

...And the darkness has not overcome it.

14 Sep
Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

C.S Lewis (via psych-facts)

01 Sep


Couples who totally ruined my life ~ Albert & Victoria from The Young Victoria

You’re the only wife I’ve got or ever will have. You are my whole existence, and I will love you until my very last breath.

01 Sep


why do old people drive slow they barely have any time left like GOOOOO ur dying

01 Sep




horton hears a huh

horton hears a what

horton hears a chicka chicka slim shady


horton hears a hater

01 Sep
Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple…

JK Rowling, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (via elenamjacobs)

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01 Sep



me at forever 21

  • “wow this would be great if it wasn’t covered in crosses and studs”
  • “was the galaxy print necessary”
  • “why is this so cheap”
  • “why is this so expensive”
  • “why is everything so ugly”
  • “why are 90% of my clothes from here”
  • “i hate everything here”
  • “im gonna buy everything”

"why is everything on the floor"

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29 Aug


ok apparently if a duckling imprints on a human and doesn’t meet other ducklings he ends up believing he’s a human too. that’s unbelievable. what if im just a duckling with an overactive imagination. what if im just a sleeping duckling and this is all a dream

28 Aug





This is Tim, owner of Tim’s Place. He has Down Syndrome, but he’s not sad or suffering. He’s happy and loving, and he shares that love with everyone he meets through his restaurant, where he says the hugs are more important than the food. 

Richard Dawkins said yesterday on Twitter that, if you have the choice, bringing people like Tim into the world is immoral. He recommends having preborn babies who might end up like Tim ripped apart in the womb or given a heart-attack-inducing drug. That’s the moral and civilized thing to do, he says. 

The twitter user who had originally asked him what he thought then continued to ask whether people with Autism should be aborted before birth if the mother knows while she’s still pregnant. He says that people with Autism have a lot to contribute, while people like Tim don’t.

So apparently, your contribution to society is what makes you valuable. Or is it your emotions

Dawkins was quick to cover his tracks, insisting that he didn’t wish that anyone currently living with DS had been aborted. 

But his comments still stand. He hasn’t backed down from what he thinks “the right thing to do” after a prenatal DS diagnosis is. In Dawkins’ view, it’s immoral to bring someone like Tim into the world. Despite the fact that our ability to care for people with DS has greatly increased over the last few decades and people with DS now have a much greater quality of life, it’s apparently immoral for their mothers not to kill them in the womb.

If Dawkins had his way, we’d be facing a future without people like Tim. I don’t want that. Do you?

I think he means that it’s be better if Tim had a chance to be neuro typical.

No, he’s not talking about a cure for Down Syndrome. He told a woman it would be immoral not to have an abortion if you know your child might have DS.

He literally said “abort it and try again” and then said that he wouldn’t say the same for autism spectrum children because they “contribute to society”.  I’m solidly politically pro-choice but telling women they OUGHT to abort isn’t pro-choice and it’s pretty fucking disgusting and eugenics-y.

Let’s be clear: his statement had NOTHING to do with the mother, the child, the ability of the family to take care of a DS child, or anything.  It wasn’t even, “I have sympathy for people who terminate these pregnancies.”  It was a general “ethical” command to abort on the basis of a diagnosis. People with DS often can end up functioning in society and “contributing to society” (like, wtf, being nice to your family is a positive contribution to society).  This isn’t a case of “Your child will be born with no brain and die three days after birth” or something.

Ugh, maybe if you know your child is going to be a total asshole like Richard Dawkins you should abort and try again.

26 Aug

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